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"Being Born(Umareru)" is available on demand!!


The new documentary movie, “Together Forever”(2014) by director Tomo Goda is now available for screenings with English subtitles. Please email us, if you are interested in international distribution or screening for film festivals.

■ SCREENING IN Australia

**Together Forever(2014)

  • TITLE: Together Forever(2014)
  • DATE: Aug. 3rd, Several times
  • PLACE: Boulevard Center at Floreat
  • TICKETS: Ask
  • Capacity is limited to 150 people
  • English version, DVD screening


"Being Born(Umareru)" is a story of love woven from the trials and joys of four families and their experiences with birth.

One couple struggles to come to grips with becoming parents because of their own childhood experience with parental abuse and strife.
A couple lose their child on the day of delivery, while another couple has accepted a childless life after struggling overcome infertility.
And one couple raise an infant with an incurable disability.

This film will make you contemplate the meaning of being born, of being alive, and consider the bond you have with with your parents, your partner, your children, your society, and yourself.

At first glance, it might seem a bit too heavy, but the story is very heart-warming, and we hope you will come away from the screening with a very positive outlook on life.

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"Life is precious."
"Family is everything."

Everybody knows these in their head, but why do cruel problems continue to occur?
Things like murder, plunder, child abuse, suicide?

It is because we don't have an opportunity to FEEL the most important things in life throughout our daily lives. If we had the opportunity to travel to our hearts and to each cell in our bodies, it would be the stepping stone to solving most of our issues.

We sincerely hope that the movie will lead viewers to a better understanding of themselves.



  • The film takes a wide ranging look at life, including pregnancy and birth but also miscarriage, stillbirth, infertility, and disabilities.
  • Parent child relationships and partnerships being empowered by pregnancy and birth are a major theme in the film.
  • Men's role and position in pregnancy and birth are investigated (the director, the narrator and most of the crew are men).
  • Rather than simply celebrating birth, the film helps the viewer reconsider their own fundamental ideas using birth as the catalyst, helping each viewer face their own issues and wash them away through tears and catharsis.


"Being Born"(2010)

“Together Forever”(2014)





★ Being Born ★

・"It made you think about yourself, your parents, about having a child."

・"A mix of very different angles, joy & pain, happiness & sadness & with a dash of laughter."

・"It was interesting to know the theory about children around 3years old remembering their live in the womb."

・"I like all the different emotions that were shared so generously in the film."

・"I have always been afraid of being pregnant and giving birth because of possible complications and pain,
  but now it doesn’t seem as scary any more."

★ Together Forever ★

・"Thank you for creating yet another touching film. I will go home and appreciate my family even more. I really needed to see this now as my husband & I have been struggling and arguing lately. This film makes me realize how small these arguments are and that I should face him & our family with a position attitude."

・"Thank you very much for the wonderful movie which showed for importance and beauty of life."

・"This film has opened my heart to whatever family I am gifted together with my life. I will face my loved ones and care for them no matter how hard life may become."

・"A beautifully, portrayed film about family relationships & their possible challenges. Thank you for reminding us to be grateful for our blessings."

★ Being Born ★

1. How was the film?

2. I was able to feel the importance of life.

3. I was able to feel the importance of family bonds.

4. My feelings of gratitude for my parents were strengthened.

5. My feelings of gratitude for my children were strengthened.

6. I have grown more positive about my connection with others and with society.

7. I feel that seeing the film "Being Born" will have meaning for my life from here on.

8. I have grown optimistic about life.

9. I want to recommend this to my friends and family.

10. I want young people to see this.


I have children

★ Together Forever ★

1. How was the film?

2. I was able to feel the importance of life.

3. I was able to feel the importance of family.

4. Hypothetically,you have raised a 5-years-old for 3 years and he believes you are the biological parent.
How do you should deal with the truth?

5. What do you think is the most important thing to overcome grif?

6. I want to recommend this to my friendds and family.

7. I want young people to see this.


I have children



Since "Being Born" was released in Japan in November 2010, it has been screened more than 1800 places.
Word of mouth has spread this film all across Japan, and the total number of viewers has reached over 700,000 by Jan. 2017.

In particular, moms who have small children have welcomed this film, spurring a "grassroots screening" movement organized by moms all over Japan.

Despite the film's success in Japan, worldwide distribution rights have yet to be optioned. Indigo films is looking for distributors to introduce "Being Born" in new markets.

If you are interested in helping distribute and spread "Being Born", contact below.

CREi Inc.
5-3-6 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1070052 Japan
TEL: +81 33505 7177 FAX:+81 33505 3088




We were given the "People's Choice Award" at the Toronto Japanese Film Festival!

Our movie, "BEING BORN(2010)," with 380 people in attendance, got a 94.17% approval rating making it the clear winner.
It is the only prize the festival offers and the first documentary winner. Last year, the award was won by the film that also won the Japanese version of the Academy Award for the Best Picture and Director.



  • Honolulu, USA, 25 Oct.2012
  • Vancouver, Canada, 30 Aug. 2012
  • Whistler, Canada, 2 Sep. 2012
  • Toronto, Canada, 13-28 June. 2013
  • New York, USA, 13 Apr. 2014
  • Singapore, 26-27 Sep. 2014
  • Stockholm, Sweden, 27 Aug. 2014
  • Nelson, Newzealand, 18 Oct. 2014
  • Vancouver, Canada, 25 July.& 2 Aug. 2015
  • Washington, USA, 21 & 22 Nov. 2015
  • Bangkok,Thailand, 5-7. Feb.2016
  • Sri Racha,Thailand, 28-29. Feb.2016
  • Bangkok,Thailand, 13-15. May.2016
  • Floreat WA Australia, 26. Jun.2016



In an effort to reconcile with his parents, the director, TOMO, after learning filmmaking in Vancouver, Canada, began this project.

He hadn't had a normal relationship with his biological parents, perhaps because his challenged brother required a lot of the limited time his parents had.

He hadn't felt loved and acknowledged for a long time.

When TOMO first heard the idea that the child chooses it's parents to help, to heal or to grow spiritually before he or she is born, he decided to face his destiny.

While working on "Being Born", he met over 100 families and couples and shot countless hours of footage over 2 years of production. Gratitude toward his parents sprang out and their relationship drastically improved.

Before production, TOMO was uninterested in marriage and having children.
Yet, in the same month "Being Born" was released, his first daughter was born with the producer of the movie, and he enjoys raising his daughter with all of his heart.

TOMO feels that he himself has grown tremendously in the process of returning to the origin "Being Born."

He has said, "I will be extremely happy if any positive change in life happens to viewers."




Born in 1973 and raised in Tokyo.
At the age of 29, after six years as an office worker, TOMO traveled to Canada to study film production at Vancouver Film School to fulfill his dream of becoming a film director.

The short films he directed while in Canada were selected for screening at numerous film festivals in Vancouver, Toronto, and domestically in Japan.

After returning to Japan, he worked as a freelance filmmaker creating documentaries for television and promotional films. He began filming "Being Born" in 2008 and released it to theaters domestically in Japan in November 2010. Immediately after releasing the film, he became a father of a daughter.